• Maradell Peters,
    Phoenix, AZ
  • L.K,
    Boston, MA
  • Sarah N,
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Alex F
  • Kate K

  • Maradell Peters
    Phoenix, AZ

    As a recipient of Dr. Roth's gifted work towards my health restoration, I want to past on my experience in hopes of encouraging others to regain their health, too. You see, I was diagnosed with "failure to thrive" which basically meant that I was slowly starving to death for the lack of vital nutrition that my body needed in order to function properly. After receiving spinal manipulation for over five years to realign my structure, my body was ready to absorb and properly circulate vital nutrients to the organs and tissues in my body.

    Dr. Roth provided a complete and in-depth physical examination as well as critical testing needed to identify my body's specific needs. After several visits, I had a comprehensive plan for rebuilding my body's nutritional, hormonal, and biochemical balance. I feel amazing. I am also grateful for the peace of mind that Dr. Roth has given me. Her thoroughness and attention to detail have left me with complete confidence that my prescribed supplementation is exactly what I need to meet my current deficiencies without spending a dime more than is absolutely necessary.

    Although after her internship she set up a practice in LA, her meticulous documentation has made it easy for me to follow and maintain on my own program right here in Phoenix. I know how and where to order exactly what I need, and I am not tempted to purchase promotional products that are not on my specific plan.

    I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve optimum health in the most comprehensive, cost effective and targeted manner.

    Boston, MA

    Sometimes I think that life was simpler back in the old days when there weren't quite so many miraculous solutions to all of life's little problems. So when I turn to naturopathic medicine, I'm always relieved to find that life can be just that simple again!

    I while back, my nail clippers and I got into an altercation and needless to say, the clippers won against my fragile big toe. I ended up getting a small toe infection. It was minor, but soon became a painful nuisance. So like most Americans are taught, I went to my doctor to have it taken care of. Sorry ahead of time for the unpleasant details, but the doctor's solution was to cut it open, drain it, bandage it, and prescribe a minor antibiotic. I don't take medicine or drugs, and I am certainly not happy taking antibiotics for non-life threatening instances, but I took it thinking it was the only solution.

    This is where I was terribly wrong. Sometimes, we are not told the very trivial alternatives to life's most trivial problems, which would simplify our life tenfold. I say this because a month after the unfortunate infection, I still did not learn my lesson and ended up getting another toe infection! This time around, I consulted with Dr. Roth, who listened to my situation, and simply said, "Put it a piece of garlic on it." One part of me was thinking that I would stink of garlic wherever I went and that it was a preposterous idea. The other part of me did not want to return to the doctor, and certainly did not want more antibiotics. I did as she suggested and placed a piece of cut garlic over the infection, held securely in place with a band-aid. The swelling went down and it healed perfectly within a week or so.

    I continued to consult Dr. Roth from then on to gain the many benefits of alternative medicine. She has taught me to think outside the medicinal box, to find the alternatives in the world around us. She's guided me to seeing that nature often provides its own remedies, if and when we are willing to wake up and smell the garlic!

    Sarah N.,
    Los Angeles, CA

    Growing up, my mom was always a big believer in natural medicine rather than western medicine. But being a child who is impatient and desires a quick fix and not worrying about side effects, I was not a big believer in her way of thinking. Not until recently, as a grown woman going through difficulty getting pregnant did I realize my mom makes so much sense. I've gone many times to the doctor with them telling me, "I'm young, just wait." I would get so frustrated thinking, "DO THESE DOCTORS CARE?" On my FIRST visit with Dr. Roth, she figured out that I have a problem. A problem not even a western doctor EVER mentioned, and its so common!! I felt so relieved knowing exactly what my problem was. But I was even more relieved how warm Dr. Roth was and explained everything and helped me work through it all to reach my goal of getting pregnant. I will forever be grateful for god bringing such a beautiful person to this earth as His helper to help us be as healthy as we can be.

    Alex F

    When Dr. Roth introduced me to naturopathic medicine, I was on 6 medications for various ailments including my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, under active thyroid and diabetes. At the age of 49, I was 245 lbs. and had no idea how to remedy this, and how to make myself healthy. I relied on medications to control my ailments and food to help me through it. So I can honestly say that Dr. Roth has changed my life. Within a year of knowing her, I lost 63 lbs and reshaped my life completely. Today, I take only one pill a day for my thyroid and follow simple and healthy eating guidelines that she has recommended to me. Beyond this she has even inspired me to become a vegetarian! After eating meat and loving it for 49 years, I made the switch and I don't regret it! I exercise regularly, signing up for water aerobics classes, going for long walks with the dogs, and doing yoga. She has certainly changed my way of thinking and I am forever indebted to her for her constant persistence and unmoving strength in directing me towards a better lifestyle. I never dreamed I could feel this great, so with great admiration I want to say thank you to Dr. Roth for coming to my rescue!

    Kate K

    I am incredibly lucky to have met Dr. Maya Roth! With her help I have been transformed to a healthy, energy-filled individual.

    Ever since childhood, I have faced numerous GI issues from gastritis to indigestion. When I came to Dr. Roth, I was in constant discomfort; as I would have frequent stomach aches, constipation, severe bloating, not to mention embarrassing audible gurgling. This was everyday, and travelling was a complete nightma re. In addition to this, despite being young, I had frequent colds, was constantly tired and mentally foggy, and unable to shed the extra pounds.

    Dr. Roth has shown me the way to eliminate all of my GI problems, regain energy and become fit. Her recommendations were not the usual prescriptions of Tums and other symptom-reducing medicines recommended to me by physicians. With her guidance and education, I became aware of what I was eating and made several changes to my diet. To name a few changes, I eliminated processed foods and white bread, began to eat more fish than meat, added more grains, greens, fruits and vegetables. In addition, she recommended a customized regiment of supplements to help detox and nourish my body, support liver function, as well as to establish good bacterial balance in the GI track.

    Dr. Roth's had offered me neither a prescription, nor a diet; instead, she changed my lifestyle. Her guidance did not only heal my physical ailments, it had also caused a paradigm shift in thinking about how to take care of my health-from the inside. Unlike other MD's who offering "quick fixes" to temporarily address the symptoms, Dr. Roth had taught me to think about health holistically, striving for making healthy choices all over, all the time.

    These changes in diet and nutrition had not only made my GI predicament a thing of the past, but also re-energized me, as well. My stomach no longer bothers me; I rarely get sick, and have the energy to work out; undertaking hot yoga and running. For the first time in my life I feel strong, fit and clear headed. Thank you Dr. Roth.