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In order to achieve therapeutic results, it is essential to use the highest quality products. While many nutritional supplements sold in stores and online claim to be of best quality, it is often difficult to verify their authenticity (ie the ingredients listed on the label are actually in the product), potency (ie the strength and amount of each ingredient on the label matches the strength and amount of ingredients in the product), and stability (ie the composition on the label remains the same at expiration date). It is equally difficult to determine if their content will be absorbed by your body and if they contain any allergens, fillers, chemical residues, preservatives or contaminants.

My first concern is always making sure that the products I recommend help my patients achieve their treatment goals. As a naturopathic doctor and an expert in natural medicine, as well as a consumer of nutritional supplements, I make time to research the clinical effectiveness, manufacturing practices and quality verification of each product. Owing to my naturopathic medical training and clinical experience, I am in a position to direct my patients to the products that work, many of which are available through the link below.

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