Does naturopathic medicine treat my condition?
Naturopathic medicine is very effective for many different conditions. As a naturopathic doctor, I have experience using many different treatments to help individuals feel their best. There are numerous different natural treatments available to address many health ailments. To learn more click here.

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For those of you that would like to browse naturopathic scientific literature, consider searching pubmed.gov for "naturopathic medicine".

Will I have to take up exercise, change my diet and take pills?

I guide my patients to broader awareness of a healthier lifestyle that includes information about how they can get in shape and get more nutrients in their diet. I also help my patients to determine which specific nutritional supplements they bodies need to feel better. This approach creates the opportunity for more informed patients, who are ready to take control of their personal health and are well prepared to reverse their personal health challenges. To learn more click here.

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